Lapeer MI Luxury Homes

Create and Save Your Own Search

Welcome to the consumer version of the MLS- also know as an IDX. It is pretty much as up to date as the MLS but you have many fewer search criteria to choose from.

You can use the search below all you want and as long as you don't register I won't know you have been there at all. If you want to save a search I will know and I will know what you search and how often. If you don't want to be pestered, please let me know and I will leave you in peace.

If you would like a more detailed search set up from the MLS, please contact me and I will be happy to do so. I can set you up on an automated search that will update you daily or weekly. Or if you are ready to purchase or at least seriously start looking, I will set you up on a search that I check daily, send you what is relevant (cull the chaffe...) and set appointments to look at the best of them in person.

You can reach me via cell at (248) 736-6407 or via email at